The Paranormal Intelligence Bureau, Section 5

A secret agency reputed to have been founded by none other than Leonardo da Vinci in 1483.
It’s goal; to save mankind.

These are the stories from the archives of Section 5.

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Mission Reports

The Dark Brotherhood
Ross’s Corners, MA – February 14, 1921

The Agents on duty went to the town of Arkham, MA on the request of one Rupert Merriweather. There it became clear that Mr. Merriweather’s past among a fraternity they called “The Dark Brotherhood” had left some kind of creature loose on the world, bound to a house in Ross’s Corners only by the existance of Mr. Merriweather alone.
After some research and a visit to the house, almost loosing Agent Bobrikov in the process, the Agents managed to banish the creature to whenceit came.

Agents on duty:
Mission logs:
The Prehistoric Pineapple Problem
Andover, MA – March 1-2, 1921

The Agents were dispatched to Andover, MA after sightings of a big lizard and strange lights at the local cemetery. Once there, the Agents found a portal to another time, complete with a Ceratosaur, some huge pineapple shaped creatures with starfish shapes on top and bottom, and amorphous masses of something resembling tar.
Sacrificing Agent Ogmore’s car, the Agents managed to shut down the portal before the amorphous masses managed to cross over. The pineapple creatures presumably traveled on through another portal.

Agents on duty:
Mission logs: