Character Generation

Recruitment Office

Welcome to The Bureau, recruit!

My name is Recruitment Officer Zack Halsey, but you can call me Sir!
I will not go through any details about the P.I.B. during your time with me. It is expected of you to enlighten yourself in the archives as soon as we’re done here, IF you’re approved and let on board of course, which I highly doubt by the look of you!

Now let’s see if you’re cut out to be a Paranormal Intelligence Agent, or P.I.A. for short.
First off, I need you to fill out some forms. You can use that desk over there to fill it out. Come see me when you’re done!

HEY!! That’s SIR, YES SIR! whenever I give you and order, recruit! Now get on with it!

  • Action: Go to your appointed desk and fill out the Personal Information form.
  • NOTE! Make sure to keep a record of all choices, rolls, calculations and modifications made during the character generation. Keep them in the Player Secret field on your Agent Page.

OOC – How does it work:

To clarify how Character Generation works. Each step contains some information and some action steps. Read the info on each step, then do the Action(s) listed. The top navbar also contains the steps needed to generate your character for easy access whenever needed.
As you probably have noticed, there’s also a sidebar with several links in it. These links gives you an easy way to access any information needed for generating your character. Such as what the different Characteristics are, which occupations are available, etc.
Also, if there’s any important information, they will be marked with NOTE!. Take special notice of these notes.

Character Generation

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