1920s Firearms


Firearms available in the 1920s

Clark Ward

Greetings, I’m Section 5’s Firearms Specialist Clark Ward and I’m here to fill you in on the different types of firearms at your disposal!
And boy do we have a great collection of firearms for you! Anyways…!

The Great War brought us many weapons in our battle against the paranormal. Weapons such as tanks, airplanes, flamethrowers, dropped bombs, and terrible biological gases.
This is an overview of the weaponry used by the P.I.B. in the 1920s

Colt M1911A1 Automatic Pistol

Colt M1911A1

The classic military pistol, Colt M1911A1 automatic pistol is still a popular choice with it’s .45 caliber bullets even though it’s accuracy borders to the horrible. The magazine holds up to seven rounds and can fire roughly two rounds per second. Although it’s a relatively high powered firearm, it won’t stop a Shoggoth, but it’ll certainly give a Deep One pause.

Thompson .45 SMG (Tommy Gun)

Thompson .45 SMG

A classic reliable weapon, the Thompson .45 submachine gun, or Tommy Gun, is a fairly small and light weapon that can spray any group of cultists with high caliber bullets. The Tommy Gun is often fitted with a vertical grip to support said spraying of cultists from the hip, no aiming necessary!
And the versatility of magazine choices more than make up for the lousy accuracy range of 50 yards. Magazines comes in 20 or 30 box magazines or if you really want to annihilate a cult, 50 or 100 rounds drum magazines! This firearm is my all-time personal favorite.

1920s Firearms

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