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  • Invisible Lurker

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    The J'ann of Ross's Corner

    Ms. St. Martin: I am not sure what to believe. When I saw this wonderful being, I immediately felt safe; it seemed to radiate love, compassion and goodness. I thought that the most …

  • Elder Things

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    Pre-Historic Pineapples

    Ms. St. Martin: We met these creatures in Andover and while we later referred to them as rather like pineapples, I am not sure I all together agree on that. They were terrifying, horrible …

  • Shoggoths

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    Shadow Dragons

    Ms. St. Martin: I do not understand why Mr. Miguelez insists on calling these creatures "Shaddow dragons". They were these awful, huge black blobs with a frightful lot of terrible, malicious eyes. …

  • Zombies

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    Ms. St. Martin: The undead were (again) mindless creatures, stripped of any other urge or need other than to kill and serve their masters. Luckily, they are rather slow moving so with the right weapon …