Otho von Teufelstein

Decadent young man with great disdain for morality in general.


Otho von Teufelstein is a foreign student in New York. His family owns an apartment in the city and provides him with a small amount of money every month. He is reluctant to talk about his family, as they sent him off to remove him from his “satanic distractions”. The library of castle Teufelstein is an old one and its cellars ancient and deep, predating the castle by centuries, if not milennia (should you believe local tales.)

Otho has studied diligently and aquired knowledge of ancient languages in order to understand the moldy tomes littering his family’s libraries. The seventh son of a seventh son, he regards himself as destined for occult greatness. He was both feared and ridiculed by his classmates during his childhood years, culminating in the unfortunate demise of some of his bullies as well as an unexplainable plague that abated as quickly as it had come a week after horrendous boils and disfigurement had tormented its victims. This caused Othos family to send him with a butler to America. Sometimes he says it was because he ought to get a good education, as he is not the heir of castle Teufelstein. Other times he says it was because the villagers would put him to the torch.

The young man is known in high society as an arrogant aristocrat with deep and terrifying knowledge of the occult. He has no tolerance for spiritists and calls it children’s games, when there are greater arts to be performed. There are rumours that he has called a demon from the underworld at a party out on Long Island.

Otho von Teufelstein

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